The Honeymoon

Welcome to our Honeymoon - we hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed going.  Once we get the video working with the computer - we'll download some short clips for you to enjoy...for now - please enjoy the pictures and our short comments about each place.  

We have been asked many times "Why Greece and Turkey?"... We wanted to go somewhere that I (Jeff) has never been, and someplace with some adventure and relaxation, and romance.  We found it all, and more.   
Our trip started out in one of the largest cities in the world, Istanbul.  This is where Europe and Asia come together.  It was an amazing experience and a great way to start our trip.

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Istanbul, Turkey
In Istanbul we met our ship, the WindStar tall-masted-sailing-yacht.  107 people total boarded our ship and set sail for the trip of a lifetime (no - not the Titanic).   
We immediately met 2 fellow honeymooners who became quick friends and travel partners for the next week.  We owe a lot of good laughs and great times to them and our other 4 friends we met the first day at sea.  "Dinner reservations anyone??? Have you heard from the campers today?" 
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Kusadasi & Bodrum, Turkey
Our first and third port were both Turkish cities.  Kusadasi was known for Ephesus, and Bodrum....which we think is a derivative for 'Boredom'....but...lucky for us...they had shopping.  Bored or not...we all felt like Millionaires...Turkish Millionaires that is. 
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Rhodes, Santorini & Mykonos, Greece
The Islands of Greece were our first introduction to both the Euro and the Gyro (You pay for a Gyro with a Euro....very confusing when you are ordering.)  
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Athens, Greece
And finally - we ended up in the city of Athena...home of the 2004 Olympics.  The cabbies were thieves, the people rude...and the weather was hot..  Besides that - it is a great city to visit...for about 6 hours. (The food was awesome...what amazing views !!)- Click on the pic's and enjoy !!! 

Wendy and Jeff

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